Alei Zayis
Do you find yourself wondering what the Seder is actually supposed to be about? Do you often get lost in the drashos, can’t understand the text, or just want a translation that you can really understand?
This is the Haggadah for you!
With the classic commentaries of the Rishonim, detailed explanations of the halachah, translation and commentary, and a unique insert that gives the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim according to the Mirashim, the Lev Yam Haggadah is the perfect way to get in touch with what’s actually going on during the Leil Shimurim.
The Expanded Edition adds the commentary of the Vilna Gaon, inserts containing the story of Yetzias Mitzrayim, and an introduction about the meaning of cheirus to prepare you for this holy night.
This year, you can understand the Haggadah – in depth, clearly, and without interrupting the flow of your Seder.
The Lev Yam Haggadah is a compendium of information about the Seder. Includes the commentaries of more than 10 major Rishonim, a wealth of Halachic information, and the Vilna Gaon's famous explanation of Chad Gadya, all rendered into English, with scholarly notes on the translation.
The Twelve Springs examines the essential tenets of authentic Judaism from the ground up. This is a book about Questions: Is there a G-d? Why did He create the universe? What am I doing here? Also deals with such issues as: marriage, non-Jews, faith, the Afterlife, happiness, and more. Everything you've ever wanted to know about Judaism, but didn't know who to ask.
Click here Skullcaps and Crossbones is a comic book that traces the history of the Jewish pirate Yaakov Koriel through the eyes of the fictional characters at the Jewish Antiquities Society. It is the first of the Shmuel Kafri Adventures, a best-seller published by Feldheim. Click the link to take you to Feldheim's page for this book.